Human Translation 

We do not use machine translation of any kind. We are using the latest translation tools and memories to provide you top quality human translation.

Graduated Translators. Not Freelancers

Our team consists of graduated translators and foreign language teachers. We do not use anonymous freelancers for your translations.

 Proofreading by 2 Separate Translators

Quality assurance is the most important aspect for our job. Thats why your proofreading project is held by 2 translators separately to guaranty the best quality

Fast Delivery

We deliver fast and secure. Name the date and time and our team will see it done.

We Offer the Best Rates

For 0.03 for translation and 0.02 for proofreading we have made our services affortable to anyone.


From general to specialized translation, subtitling and localisation our team is redy to collaborate with you in any translation or proofreading project.


Our team guarantee state of the art translation in any of your general or specialised project


Made by 2 seperate translators, can asure your the highest level of result for your project

Languageslab Translation Services

We work from home

It is important and beneficial for us to translate from the comfort of our home. That gives us the advantage to work on your project at any time.

Teamwork is our key

Your project whatever the size is a team project for us. In that way we can asure top notch servises. No room for mistake in any project.